Saturday, July 20, 2013


Playsuit // Etsy
Pink Kitten Heels // H&M
Opal Ring // Dahl's Twisted Arrows
Sam Weir Pin //

Phew! Has this been a heatwave or what? I have resorted to doing nothing but lying on the floor in my own sweaty despair for 12 hours a day... Keeping this in mind, easy, lightweight outfits are a must in humid, 96ºF weather. Naturally, this colorful, cotton playsuit was perfect for the weather and a job interview I had today!
I'm off to go take a freezing bath and watch Orange Is The New Black on Netflix with my mama.
Stay cool, my friends.


  1. yayy, playsuit! i love the colors <3 and your make-up is awesome~

    [weirdoland -]

  2. omg u babe! (i love your new signature and header btw)