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Last fall, I was roaming around etsy, looking for some feminist-related pins that I could decorate my my new (AKA, stolen from my mum) jean jacket with. In no time, I discovered the majesty that is Modern Girl Blitz. Run by one rad lady, Midge, MGB bangs out incredible prints, buttons, stickers, zines, etc. After my first purchase of 4 buttons, I was hooked, so I thought who better to interview than this lovely lady? I'll tell you... No one. You can check out Midge's store here and her personal style blog here.

Hellooo Midge! Tell us a bit about your lovely self!
I'm Midge, it's short for Michelle-Claire (this is my real first name). I like to call my self a self employed career crafter. I feel thats the best way to describe what I do as my job. I make and craft things all day. I also run a style blog as a little side project that keeps me busy when the crafty portion of my time is slow. I love exploring with different style in both my work and my appearance so I'm constantly re-inventing and evolving with my day to day endeavors.

How did you get into art and craft-making? Have you always been this artistic? 
I've always been the "creative" kid, thats the only "award" I got in school, was for art. So i just kept on pushing art as a thing I want to do with my entire life, and never really looked back or considered other options. I'm lucky cause "art" is a very broad spectrum so I can do lots of things. But I chose being a crafty lady. 

Your Esty shop is beyond amazing! How has the experience of running an online shop been for you?
Thank you! It's been going pretty smoothly thus far, to be honest! Things do get very hectic and busy at times, especially around the Holidays. But I love the business I'm in, and I love being kept extremely busy. I'm a good multi-tasker so i enjoy the workload. If I ever catch myself complaining about a ton of orders to pack where I'm up to my neck in bubble mailers, I just remind myself that that's all people that give a crap about my art, and that they give so much of a crap that they'll pay me for it.

As you may know, trying to hold an artistic career isn't very easy. Do you think an artist must formally train in order to achieve more success?
I did go to art school for Graphic Design, so I do use a lot of the technical skills I've learned there, like how to bind a book, using xacto knives, and things like that. Though I am a strong believer that you can't teach someone how to have their artistic process, and how to forma their vision and aesthetic, you can only teach yourself those things, because it's your unique voice and yours alone. And that should come naturally. But you can definitely teach someone how to use computer programs like photoshop and illustrator, as well as other hand-skills, so that person can better translate their ideas. 

What inspires you artistically? 
Things that inspire me are other art that I get to see on a daily basis thank to the interwebs, like on tumblr and rookie. I love taking things I've found like postcards and scraps of pretty paper up on bulletin boards on my walls so I always have something pretty to look at while I work. Right now I'm super into pastels and shiny things.
I'm also a big advocate on not forcing creativity and taking breaks. Stepping away from something you're stuck on is ways better than trying to force something mediocre. I've noticed that inspiration comes at the most unexpected times (happened just yesterday while packing orders!) and for me, I can't really set time away in my day saying "OK I'm going to be creative now!"

Who are your fashion idols? 
My fashion idols include: Tavi Gevingson, Agnes Deyn, Enid Coleslaw (do fiction characters count?), and Kate Nash (I definitely have more but I can't think of them right now, of course)

Do you any neat-o plans for the future? 
Yes! I'm currently working on a piece for a show my friend is hosting in Brooklyn on August 10th. I'll post about it when it nears closer :)

Any words of wisdom?
I like to borrow words of wisdom from RuPaul. 
 "What other people think of you is none of your goddamn business". 

All photos were taken from Midge's etsy and blogspot account.

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