Sunday, July 28, 2013


I never grew up.
No really, I'm a big 5-year-old. 
When I was little, I became obsessed with Lisa Frank. And I don't mean, I liked her stuff and that was that. I mean OBSESSED, as in a paid membership to the Lisa Frank Club, a subscription to her magazine, over 80 exclusive Lisa Frank items, multiple visits to an actual Lisa Frank store, a contest entry (and runner up winner) for her biggest fan and multiple days spent at my grandparent's country club pool waiting, because I heard a rumor that the actual Lisa Frank, the woman herself, was a member there. 
Yeah, I don't take my colorful, candy-like accessories lightly. Recently, I've gotten waaaay, way back into the wonderful, bubblegum place that is Lisaland.

Me and my beloved "Hunter" stuffed animal (that I still sleep with every night.. Yes, every night)
FUN FACT: When Lisa Frank married, her husband had the last name "Green" so she named her two sons Hunter Green and Forest Green (like the colors?) and then had them be the basis for her leopard characters. Don't ask me how I know that.

My senior photo for the yearbook. I thought it was appropriate.
P.S. Notice a change regarding my hair?


  1. wowa this is sosos cute ! i love lisa frank so much- i had christmas stickers designed by her and i didnt want to put them on any gifts bc they were so pretty !

  2. i think lisa frank wasn't popular in my country back then (or i don't remember it? sad) and i learned about her when i was a teenager already - but this doesn't collide with the fact that all these items are AWESOME! cute and psychedelic.
    and i must say your senior book photo is amazing, you look just so pretty~

    [weirdoland -]